"Straight, gay, bi. What am I? Everything is not black or white. I am a girl who is sexually attracted to men, which I have been since a very young age, who also has sex with girls some times." 

"There has been multiple girls. In fact the first sexual experience I ever had was with a girl, in the water. One of the last experiences was also with a girl, also in water funnily enough. There has been other girls too. Yet I am heterosexual and most of my sexual experiences are with men. I am sexually attracted to, and desire men a lot. With girls its a different story. Its fun and sweet, more gentle and I am charge in a way. Women fascinate me, but I love every thing about masculinity. Preferably men who have developed their feminine sides as well, a healthy balance. Myself I am a sensual feminine girl with some masculine traits in my character and sexual drive. We are all different and every version is OK, every version is beautiful. I like a fine balance between active and passive, masculine and feminine, dominant and submissive. I am sexually confident and I know what I want. I guess this is why I have, and do still explore with girls and femininity. I am not afraid of it. When I was a teenager I was confused and not sure what this meant, that I sometimes had sex with girls. I used to wish I was bisexual - as I would then have more choices in life and in love! But my experiences have showed me that I am not. I have never fallen for or sexually craved a girl, it has just happened naturally. Ultimately I am glad I have been brave and pursued my natural desires and explored with my sexuality. It has made me sure of who I am, learning by doing. I encourage young people to be brave and follow their desires without being ashamed. Its OK to not know, its OK no matter what and who you like. You like boys? Explore! You like girls? Explore! You like boys but are curious about girls? Explore! You like girls but are curious about boys? Explore. Sex is absolutely wonderful and it is healthy to let your desires free. Stay safe and smart and have fun."

Wildflower, 26, Norway