"This night I was on a club, feeling pretty and my ego was at it's highest and I'm thinking to myself, i don't even need to get laid tonight cause that feeling of owning the place was enough for me."

"But this guy starts chatting with me (there's always that guy) and he was all cocky and confident and i was really into it, so I decide to try something with him. When we finally went to his place he was pissed drunk and fell asleep!! I woke I'm up like dude dafuq? is this for real? and he was like Oh I'm sorry and started playing chet faker on his cellphone... CHET FUCKING FAKER! and I'm like DUDE you just fell asleep and now you're playing chet faker?? now I'M gonna fall asleep.. he stopped the music and we started getting friendly and then he fell asleep again! by now I was done with it!

So I slowly and quietly got dressed and went on to get out of the house but his fucking door was locked! WHO THE FUCK LOCKS HIS DOOR WITH AN UNKNOWN PERSON INSIDE?? I was already praying to all the gods known to mankind when I decided to wake him up, he said oh no! plz stay! and I, stupid as ever, stayed there. while he slept, counting to 100 while breathing so I would't loose it. the he woke up and I very passively­agressive said could you open the door? he said yes sure, right when I was getting on the lift he turns to me and asks: do you wanna come back later? .... And I rolled my eyes so hard I saw all my past lives in 3 seconds" 

Miss-stupid-decisions, 24, Portugal.