"It was the 17h of May, Norway’s constitutional day, a day that is always about parties and having fun. I’m dancing to Frank Sinatra’s “I did it my way’ with a super hot guy in a strange apartment I had never been before. "

I don’t really remember minute by minute what went down, I only have fragments of what happened while I was there: A quick stop in the shower and the water was everywhere, we were naked, he had strong arms… and the most embarrassing thing: at one point I was sitting on his face. You don’t just sit on a stranger’s face… straight up porn right there.

A couple of hours more go by and I wake up, and things are beginning to become clear to me. I freak out! Jump out of bed, grab my stuff and run out of the apartment straight into the elevator where I franticly get dressed. That I left a naked guy like that is something I’ve tried to forget. And the facesitting too, ugh.

Smiling I walk home wearing my national costume, the day after the big celebration, just thankful that I’ve managed to escape what I considered to be a totally unreal situation – I’ve never been that “crazy”. My hair was everywhere and I had left most of my makeup as stains on his pillow along with my innocence." 

Anonymous, Norway.